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A LUSH, SECRET FOREST WITH 1000’S OF SPECIES   Little known outside of East Africa, Nyungwe Forest National Park is a treasure waiting for your discovery. One of Africa’s most stunning and oldest rain forests, not to mention its largest, this almost primeval carpet of lushness virtually explodes with its biodiversity. Come here to experience over 1000 plant […]
Akagera National Park A STORY OF LOSS AND THRILLING REBIRTH Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Akagera National Park is its almost miraculous revival from near destruction just 20 years ago. To see the prospering park today you would never imagine that it had been massively stripped of its wildlife and rich biodiversity due to the country’s […]
Volcanoes National Park You will first see five immense ancient volcanoes, now covered in a dense green rainforest – these are the Virunga Mountains. It is here you will find the wonders of Volcanoes National Park – mysterious mountain gorillas, rare golden monkeys, towering massifs, bamboo forests, and pristine mountain lakes. You’ve arrived at one of the most dynamic […]
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