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Gorilla Trekking

For those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife who want to see gorillas up close, East Africa is a must-visit location. East Africa is home to two magnificent national parks where the critically endangered mountain gorillas can be found: Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

East Africa’s gorilla trekking excursions offer exhilarating interactions with these gentle giants. Visitors can hike through thick foliage while being guided by knowledgeable guides to see gorilla families in their natural environment. It is genuinely amazing to observe their social dynamics, humorous exchanges, and astounding demonstrations of power. One’s admiration for conservation efforts is strengthened by spending time so closely with these lovely creatures. You are invited to travel to East Africa where you will have the chance to interact with the natural world and have an unforgettable gorilla experience.

spend an hour with a family group, frequently including infants and always including one or more silverbacks. Explore Rwanda and Uganda in greater detail; both countries have a lot to offer. Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda pairs beautifully with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

Gorilla Trek Safaris

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