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How to Pack for a Safari in Kenya (Without Forgetting Anything)

Spread packing between you and your partner’s suitcases to stay safe in case one of your bags is lost. Carry your passport, visa, airfare, insurance, credit cards, money, and prescriptions in your hand luggage. Also carry information about your specific health condition, malaria pills, lifesaving medication, allergy medication, Imodium, and aspirin.

Avoid plastic bags

Take good care of expensive electrical equipment, such as cameras and computers. Plastic bags are prohibited in Kenya, including their use, import, and production. We recommend that you avoid using plastic bags when packing your luggage. Use fabric bags or other waterproof bags that are not made of plastic. If you are visibly carrying hand luggage in plastic bags upon your arrival in Kenya, you will be asked to hand them over.

– plastic bags

Plastic bags from “Duty Free”, etc., are also included in the baggage allowance. The baggage allowance for light aircraft flights in Kenya is limited to 15 kilograms, including camera and video equipment. Additional luggage can be stored at the hotel in Nairobi until the end of the safari. Extra luggage is charged $5 per kilogram and depends on space availability and weight. Luggage and personal effects are at the owner’s risk throughout the tour. For peace of mind, baggage insurance is recommended.

Consider casual summer clothing

Bring casual summer clothes that are easy to launder and quick to dry. Choose neutral colors that don’t reflect heat or show safari dust. Consider for cool mornings and evenings. Most safari lodges and tented camps offer laundry service to help you replenish your supply of clean clothes. Lightweight and comfortable walking shoes are appropriate for much of the time spent in the vehicle. The style is casual, even in the evening. For dinner in Nairobi and at the Mount Kenya Safari Club, dress smart casual. Sunburn is easy at these altitudes, so pack a swimsuit and cover-up. Most safari accommodations have swimming pools.

Important luggage to bring

  • Bright summer clothes for safari trips: Strong colors can attract unwanted attention from flies found in certain areas of the parks. Laundry services are available at affordable rates, allowing you to get clothes washed easily, so avoid bringing an excessive amount.
  • Nicer clothes for evenings at the hotel and lodge: Bring long pants and long-sleeved shirts to protect yourself from mosquitoes after sunset and, if necessary, from the sun.
  • A good jacket: It can be cool in the morning and evening, so bring a good jacket.
  • Summer Footwear: Bring summer footwear, such as sports shoes and cotton socks. Avoid bare feet and legs at night due to mosquitoes.
  • Power adapter with 3-4 sockets: This enables a shaver, trimmer, electric toothbrush and any batteries to be charged via a single adapter.
  • Small flashlight and extra batteries: Bring a small flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Hat that shields against the sun: Bring a hat that shields against the sun.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm: Bring sunscreen and lip balm.
  • A mosquito repellent: Bring a mosquito repellent, such as DEET.
  • Nail clippers and file: Bring nail clippers and a file.

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