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The best available hotels & places to stay near Lemek, Kenya

A Compact Wonder

The secret to Lemek Conservancy’s success? It is smaller than most other reserves in the region. Being more compact in size, it offers good wildlife viewing with fewer visitors and picturesque landscapes for a more natural safari experience. The game spotting is active throughout the year on its wide rolling savannahs bordering the Mara River. And the abundance of trees lining the river is a draw for big cats like leopards who perch above, scanning for their prey.

Visitors to Lemek will also find lions from the resident pride as well as cheetahs and sometimes large herds of elephants. During the annual Great Wildebeest Migration, the numbers of wildlife greatly expand, thrilling those lucky enough to visit this exciting conservancy.

A big attraction of the conservancy type of safari is that guests can partake of activities not allowed in the nearby Masai Mara National Reserve.

Enhance your safari experience with special pursuits like night game drives, guided walking safaris, bush dining, and bird-watching outings.

Cultural visits to the local Maasai Villages are also offered to provide up-close encounters with the traditional people of this region. Plus, visitors can sign up for a hot air balloon safari delivering spectacular views of the dawning Savannah and the wildlife coming into the new day.

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Upsizing and Downsizing

Back in 1995, the local Maasai landowners were introduced to the conservancy model that has been so successful in the Mara region. They decided to partner with Koyaiki Group Ranch to create a reserve that would benefit their land, the animals, and provide needed income for themselves.

Originally called the Koyaiki Lemek Conservancy, the name was changed when additional landowners joined the partnership. Still later, it was decided to merge parts of the conservancy with Mara North, thus reducing its size to 19,000 acres.

The challenge at Lemek, as with all conservancies, is how best to balance land conservation and protection of wildlife habitats with the needs of the local landowners. Areas of the conservancy were dedicated as natural habitats so the eco-system and animals would thrive, and the locals would receive regular payment for the use of their lands.

In keeping with this strong theme of conservation a decision was made to limit lodgings at the Lemek Conservancy to just two accommodations – the Mara River Lodge with 80 rooms and Enkerende Tented Camp offering just 7. Both are modestly priced and with so few rooms on the conservancy (1 room per 200 acres), visitors are ensured an uncrowded stay.

Accommodation options at Lemek Conservancy:

Losokwan Tented Camp

Mara River Lodge

Enkerende Tented Camp

Saruni Wild

Duma Camp

Come experience Lemek Conservancy with Pride Drive Tour Solutions– we specialize in customized and exclusive African safaris. Contact us and we will design for you the perfect adventure of land, culture, and wildlife at Lemek.

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