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Mid range Safaris

Kenya is renowned for offering exceptional luxury and mid-range safari experiences, making it an excellent destination for discerning travelers. With its rich history as the birthplace of safaris in the early 20th century, Kenya has honed its expertise in providing wildlife-focused expeditions without compromising on comfort. The safari operators in the country have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that visitors can embark on a truly remarkable journey.

Game drive at maasai mara
Game drive at Maasai mara in Kenya with pride drive tour solutions

What sets Kenya apart is its highly competitive safari market, which guarantees an unforgettable tour of a lifetime. The country boasts a diverse and abundant wildlife population, ranging from majestic big cats to the iconic Big Five. While Kenya is a popular safari destination, it has managed to cultivate an aura of exclusivity, particularly with the emergence of private conservancies, most notably around the renowned Masai Mara . This exclusiveness enhances the overall safari experience, providing visitors with unparalleled options when planning their long-awaited luxury trip to Africa’s safari heartland. Whether you desire a secluded retreat or an immersive wildlife encounter, Kenya offers an unrivaled selection to cater to your specific preferences and desires.

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