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Pride Drive Tours Vehicle Fleet Management

Pride Drive Tours Vehicle Fleet Management

Pride Drive Tours is constantly renewing its vehicle fleet to ensure that our travelers have a comfortable, trouble-free safari. Recently, we made the decision to move many of our programs to four-wheel drive vehicles to improve accessibility and comfort.

There is no question that the roads in Kenya can have some rough patches. This is where a combination of quality, well maintained vehicles and experienced driver-guides can be the difference between a good safari in Kenya and a great holiday experience. We still operate a variety of vehicles meeting the specific needs of our travelers.


For transfers, we use three-seater saloon cars or safari buses. We also use Alphard or V8 vehicles for private VIP transfers. For something really special, we can provide transfers in a Mercedes Benz or luxury 4×4.


For groups, we provide transfers in 24 passenger coaches. These are also used for shared transfers on the Kenyan coast to the many spectacular Indian Ocean resorts we serve.

The interiors of our vehicles are spacious and designed with the safari traveler in mind. Most have power points for recharging camera batteries. Pop-open roofs allow panoramic game viewing as well as protection from the sun. A cooler box provides chilled water and vehicles also carry a first aid kit and other tools to be prepared for any bump along the way.

All seats have seat belts and pass rigorous safety checks before each safari.

The most important part of any vehicle is the driver. Our drivers and driver-guides are well trained and must have extensive experience before they take our travelers on safari.

Overland Trucks


Vehicles & Equipment

After many years in the over landing industry listening to the needs, thoughts, and suggestions of previous passengers we had a good idea of what passengers wanted from an overland vehicle and how to build it.

We believe our overland truck is the most important piece of equipment for any of our overland expeditions.  Without it we wouldn’t be going far!  It is our mode of transport and our home for the duration of our expeditions. For that reason, we have chosen a late-model Scania truck. We have tried and tested Scania vehicles over the years and they have proven to be very strong, reliable, and most importantly comfortable.

Our 26 tons Scania truck has been modified and custom-built into a specialist overland vehicle. Gary’s experience as a mechanic and his knowledge of overland vehicles has allowed us to design a vehicle that is suited to over landing in Africa.

A great deal of time has been spent researching passenger needs and requirements. Building and customizing our expedition truck to ensure it provides the foundations for a great overland experience has been paramount. We believe the little ‘extras’ will help make a big difference to your unique African adventure.

The body has been custom built with practicality, passenger safety and comfort in mind. The truck is fully self-contained and some of the features include:

 Reclining Seats


Individual reclining coach seats have been fitted.  The seat positions are mixed with inward, forward and some rear facing seats.  At times you will be spending long periods of time in the truck and we believe our passengers should be as comfortable as possible.

There are tables between the forward and rear facing seats so catching up on your diary, playing cards and socializing whilst on the road is no problem.


External Baggage Lockers

Large spacious lockers are located outside the truck.  Each locker is shared by two people and there is plenty of space for your backpack and any souvenirs you buy along the way.

For safety and security of personal items and belongings, each locker has a three-point locking mechanism that is lockable with a key.  All lockers have been fitted with rubber seals to help keep out water, dust, and dirt, however, even with taking these measures we cannot guarantee that rain, dust or dirt won’t get in.  After all it is an expedition vehicle – not a submarine!!



Individual tinted glass windows have been fitted along the full length of the truck allowing for great sightseeing opportunities whilst providing protection from the sun’s rays.  Each sliding window provides more control over the airflow around individual seating areas.


An onboard car stereo system has been fitted.  It has a CD player, USB port and 3.5mm jack point socket for connecting iPods and MP3, etc., so you can listen to your favorite music whilst on the road.

 UK Plug Sockets


The truck hosts a number of different charging point options for your electronic equipment.  We have installed USB charging points, 12-volt cigarette lighter sockets and 240-volt UK power points so there should be no problem charging cameras, iPods, mobile phones or any other electronic equipment whilst we are on the move.  Remember to bring your charging leads with you.  If you are not travelling from the UK, please remember to also bring a travel adaptor that will connect your equipment to a UK power point in order to charge your electronics.



The truck has been fitted with 6 large LED ceiling lights that can provide either brilliant white light or a dull blue glow for subtle lighting. There are also external LED working lights fitted outside the vehicle to make life in the camp a little easier at night.

Large Water & Fuel Tanks

A large water tank and the capacity to carry large amounts of diesel allows us to cover great distances in remote places without any issues.

Tents & Chairs

We supply large 4-man canvas safari domes tents that are shared by two people so you will have plenty of room.  The tents are made in Africa for the African conditions.  They have sewn in ground sheets, removable awnings and large mosquito gauzed windows that allow for air flow whilst providing protection from the elements.

We also provide safari style canvas directors chairs to make relaxing around the campfire a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

 Cooking Equipment


A full range of cooking equipment including gas cookers, utensils, plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery, BBQ grill for cooking on an open fire, washing up bowls and long tables are carried on board. This allows us to stay in remote locations in relative comfort.

Mechanical Spare Parts

A comprehensive range of spare parts and equipment including tools, sand mats, and shovels are carried on board.

Other Extras

 An on-board fridge freezer allows us to buy meat in bulk and keep our drinks cold.


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