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A HAVEN FOR DOZENS OF ORPHANED CHIMPS Imagine walking hand-in-hand through the forest with a lively chimpanzee at your side. This is but one experience visitors can enjoy with these wonderful primates at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, a 100-acre refuge for over 50 orphaned and rescued chimps. On this rainforest island situated on Lake Victoria, you’ll learn […]
Murchison falls - Uganda
Murchison falls National Park – Uganda UGANDA’S LARGEST AND MOST POPULAR PARK What is the biggest draw to Murchison Falls National Park? Is it the remarkable population of over 73 animal species… or the renowned mighty falls?  You can decide for yourself on your African safari to Uganda’s largest and most famous park. But for variety of natural […]
A RICH RAINFOREST WITH CHIMPS AND MONKEYS It offers visitors the highest density and diversity of primates in all of Africa. For chimpanzee trekking, it’s not only the best place in Uganda but perhaps the world. The lovely rainforests of Kibale National Park are a deep primeval environment of rich animal encounters unlike any you’ll see elsewhere. Make sure to add […]
Rwenzori National Park – Uganda AN ALPINE PARADISE Snow-capped Mountains? Glaciers, waterfalls, and alpine forests… in Africa? Yes – this is Rwenzori National Park, one of the most stunning mountain landscapes on the planet. And even more incredible, it is just kilometres from the equator. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unmatched natural beauty, these […]
Perhaps one of the most remote parks in Africa, Kidepo Valley National Park is not on everyone’s must-see list. But that would be a mistake, as Kidepo presents some of the most striking safari scenery in Uganda. Plus, there is wildlife found here that’s not seen elsewhere in the country. The journey to this rugged park is worth […]
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park How many parks can boast of having half the world’s population of gorillas? Welcome to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park! Its rich rainforests host over 600 mountain gorillas – giving you plenty of opportunities for trekking and discovery. It’s a not-too-be-missed African safari experience. This great jewel of a reserve is actually an ancient forest, […]
THE WIDEST VARIETY OF WILDLIFE Why is Queen Elizabeth National Park the most popular in Uganda? Some think it’s the dazzling variety of landforms you will discover – grassland Savannah, acacia woodland, wetlands, and lakes. Others come to enjoy its dramatic volcanic structure – with volcanic cones and dozens of plunging craters cut into the deep green rolling […]
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