Malindi Marine Park (A Magical Coral Garden)

Malindi Marine Park (A Magical Coral Garden)

Malindi Marine National Park -

An explosion of undersea color – the fish and the coral here will compete for your attention with their dazzling hues. Africa’s first marine park is a treasure of fringing reefs, coral gardens, lagoons, seagrass, and every sort of sea life – turtles, dolphins, fish, and shorebirds.

The clarity of the water and unending variety of the park’s marine life guarantees near-perfect diving and snorkeling. Other fun things to do in Kenya’s first protected marine environment include windsurfing, water skiing, deep-sea fishing and just swimming amongst the brilliant waterscape of fish populating this reserve.

The 6 sq. km (2.3 sq. mi) park borders the larger 213 sq. km (82 sq. mi) reserve which encompasses beaches, mangroves, mud-flats and a variety of coral reefs. The park boasts over 600 species of fish and well over a hundred types of coral.

Snorkeling, diving, swimming or just touring you’ll come across a rainbow of coral types such as the flat, wide potato coral, the jagged branches of staghorn coral, and the aptly named organ pipe and boulder brain coral.

Flurrying about these delicate coral forms look for triggerfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, grouper, emperor and many more. Other species inhabiting this active under marinescape are sea anemone, crab, lobster, sea cucumber, and octopus.

The treasured sea turtle also makes this park its home with many varieties – green, hawksbill, olive ridley, and loggerhead. The varied habitats here provide essential nesting sites for the turtles ensuring their survival.

UNESCO has identified the Malindi marine area as an essential Biosphere Reserve.

About Malindi Park

Climate: The temperature range in the Malindi area is from 20oC/68oF to 300C/860F. There are two rainy seasons – the long rains happen in March/April and the short rains November/December.

Location: On the coastline in Malindi town, 110 km (68 m) north of Mombasa.

Getting there: You can book a tour with Pride Drive Tour Solutions in Mombasa.

By air: Malindi Airport is the main aviation hub serving the area.

Things to Do and See

Deep-Sea Fishing – This is rich fishing territory with abundant species of wahoo, kingfish, marlin, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish.

Creek Fishing – Not as dramatic but equally rewarding, look for mangrove snapper, queenfish, and barracuda.

Snorkelling & SCUBA Diving – Enjoy up-close views of the coral varieties and the myriad colourful fish they harbour at all depths.

Malindi Museum – Close by on the Malindi jetty you’ll find a structure from the late 19th century which houses artefacts and displays showcasing the town’s colonial history.

Discover Malindi Marine National Park

Kenya’s coastal marine parks are an impressive form of nature’s wonders just as its more famous wildlife reserves. Be as active or relaxed as you choose – either way, there’s a kaleidoscopic world waiting for you here on the shore, the reefs and under the sea.

Malindi Marine Park with Pride Drive Tours

Take a Pride Drive Tour Solutions tour of Malindi Park for an unforgettable day exploring a magnificent array of undersea life.

We have safaris departing from Malindi to this and other special Kenya Parks and attractions for your Africa holiday.

4 Things to Do at Malindi Marine National Park - Kenya Geographic

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