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Lake Nakuru National Park Lake Nakuru National Park is spectacular. It has been a blazing sea of deep pink flamingos – millions of them! Their intense fuchsias burst against Lake Nakuru’s deep blue alkaline waters. Quite simply… it has until some few years ago been the most brilliant show of birdlife on earth. Due to […]
Olare Motorogi Conservancy                           A New Kind of Safari Tourism Here in the Mara eco-system, amongst river valleys, acacia forest, and natural gorges you’ll find the most successful of the conservancies – Olare Motorogi. A partnership between the landowning Maasai people and five tourism […]
Mara North Conservancy                                               A Personal Adventure A picture postcard of flawless Africa – golden savannahs, perfect acacia trees dotting the horizon and lots of big cats. Lions and leopard sightings are common, […]
Aberdare National Park A Mist-Shrouded Upland Paradise Thick rainforest, spectacular waterfalls, cool mountain breezes and wild moorlands, Aberdare National Park is a hiking, fishing and wildlife paradise. The rich greens of the lichen and mossy forests here present contrast with the sandy yellows and browns of most other parks. And the cool climate, pervading mists, cold lakes […]
Amboseli National Park The giants here are the great herds of Elephants Protected from poachers, they carry their massive tusks with pride as they gather at predictable watering holes, delighting the many who come to Amboseli National Park to view these noble creatures. Amboseli is known as the best place in Africa for getting up […]
Arabuko Sokoke National Reserve The Last Refuge of the Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew You won’t find this small, endearing shrew – about the size of a rabbit – anywhere else on earth. But you will here at the Arabuko Sokoke Reserve, the last and largest tropical forest that used to cover much of East Africa. Located just […]
Lake Naivasha National Park Deep blue lakes, rich acacia forests, extinct volcanoes, waterfalls, imposing towers and bottomless gorges – you’ll be amazed at the variety and drama of the parks, lakes and preserves surrounding Lake Naivasha. Here the birdlife is full, varied and constant as is the parade of wildlife with over 100 species of […]
Hell’s Gate National Park Drive, Hike, Bike or Climb Everything about Hell’s Gate National Park is different. You can take a guided walking safari here. In fact, it’s encouraged. And where else can you do a bicycle safari, riding past grazing zebra, giraffe, impala, buffalo and baboon. The opportunities for climbing are plentiful, accessible and not too […]
Hot Geysers and Hot Pink Flamingos Picture a high mountain lake in a volcanic region near the equator covered with an endless swarm of bright, pink flamingoes. Dotting this lake and surrounding areas, steamy hot springs enhance the already dreamlike atmosphere. Now add in the sight of numerous bubbling geysers erupting along the banks and from […]
Kakamega Forest National Reserve The Last Real Jungle Stepping into the dense, dark jungle of the Kakamega Forest Reserve is like being transported to the Africa of ancient times. Moving through the thick canopy of this tropical rainforest you’ll be met with the sounds of birdsong, chattering monkeys and croaking frogs. Butterflies fill the air as does […]
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